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Satellite Communication

Our Mission
in Satellite Data Transfer and Data Processing

LEO & CubeSat Technology

UHF, S/X/Ka-bands and beyond up to Q/V-band

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Our Capabilities

In the new accelerating age of LEO satellite communication technology, and new emerging fields e.g. Cubesat, it is a very challenging task to deploy available technologies to provide networks for LEO data transmissions. We are fully convinced that our capabilities can support your needs in this field. We could achieve this goal e.g. by offering services of LEO ground stations. The data transfer can be performed by very modern RF e.g. S/X & Ka-band or optical means, e.g. Lasers integrated in modern antenna systems. We passionately focus on laser communication systems; these are the future means of data transfer and telecommunication for satellite networks.


To complete the task, we could use submarine cable network with inter-cities fiber optic network to offer a turn-key solution for your needs of data handling and transfer.

Blue Orion Technology can provide you connectivity to LEO satellites of many kind, e.g. S-band up to Ka-band. This can be boosted up by using other means, e.g. GEO satellite supporting links.

The other related needs is, data storage and processing, that can as well be covered. This could be a simple server in a data center or very sophisticated data processing running on a group of the computers or a computer cluster.

On request we could connect your network directly to main data centers around the world via a satellite network or other means.

The combination of our know-how and information in modern RF antenna systems, antenna engineering, SATCOM and highly robust knowledge in Physics and applied Physics, supported with some scientific works performed in German universities, in fields of Laser Physics and High Energy Physics, enable our leadership to provide commercially high efficient solutions for customers. These allow us to offer unique level of professionality in data telecommunication over satellites.

One of the special scientific works of our leadership is in field of Laser Ultra Fast Pulse Systems (OPCPA, Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification). This is providing a robust ground to participate in the field of laser communication systems relevant for most modern LEO satellites and the emerging field of lunar telecommunication.

The modern RF and optical technology can be incorporated in your systems to reach very high level of upgrading. Using newest technology is essential to survive in the race for high rate of data transfer.

The following articles give a short view about the design concepts of optical data communications antenna systems with focus in future changes:


Experienced Leadership

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