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About Us

Blue Orion Technology is a highly professional engineering and scientific company. We have strongly based our activities on applied physics and advanced engineering.

Our fields of activities are, broadband satellite telecommunications, modern antenna technology, energy management, data processing and data handling and advanced engineering supported by applied physics.


Our offers start from consulting services in engineering and scientific projects up to project design, system design and execution. We help businesses to solve their engineering problems on technical level, at the scientific level we assist them to be as cost effective as best engineering teams.


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Our approach is building up teams from different cultures and disciplines as broad as possible. Diversity is the main key to survive on long term and be one of the most successful players in this dynamical world.


We believe in synergy and harmony between young team colleagues and older experienced leaders. This simply allows us to be very dynamic and at the same time well-experienced to choose best safe ways to reach our goals.


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