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Applied Physics in Scientific Projects, Advanced Engineering, Modern Antenna Technology and Data Science

Our Fields of Activities and Supports

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The passion of our leadership in Physics, applied physics and its application in our life has been strongest motivation in almost any aspect of our works. The scientifical fields of experiences of our leadership are Ultra Fast Laser Pulse systems, Laser  Telecommunication technology and Superconducting Magnet systems .


This important incentive allows Blue Orion Technology to  provide high level of professional and scientific efforts in solving challenging technical problems in your scientific projects or any project involved with advanced engineering.

This level of project supporting and/or execution simply guarantees reaching very high performance, which only is limited by physical laws and not any non-scientific reasons.

One field of our strengths, which benefits from the knowledge in applied physics, is investigating Radio Frequency Interference(RFI). Many modern systems, e.g. Radio Telescopes, need very quite RFI up to none. We could perform tasks to suppress, evaluate, measure and characterize RFI.

Following two sites provide preliminary information about two leading large radio telescope projects, which very strongly need perfect radio silence, to be able to receive extremely weak signals from the universe.


Applied Physics, Scientific Projects
Advanced Engineering



The expertise in field of modern RF, SATCOM, CubeSat and modern antenna technology in combination with the strong background in Physics allow us to provide excellent support in:


Project Planning

Project Execution

And supporting you through out your business and project all along.

The coverage range starts with using modern RF technology e.g. cryogenic Low noise amplifier systems, special high performance feed systems up to very modern antenna system technology e.g. modern pointing systems, fast reacting monopulse tracking systems. Additionally we are interested in modern Antenna System Design (RF systems, RF Geometry, Mechanical Structure and Pointing, Servo and Steering).


One of our novel field of interest is very high frequency range, this starts with Q/V-band up to W-band, passive radar and application in Heat Ray generators. All this can be achieved by deploying very high accurate reflector technology.

This high accuracy reflector technology as well can be used for laser telecommunication systems too.

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AI Assisted Data Science

At Data Science, we use state-of-the-art technologies, specially AI algorithms and scientific methods to extract knowledge from noisy data.

Our experts specialize in statistics, scientific computing, and algorithms to provide you with the most accurate and relevant insights. With our cutting-edge artificial intelligence methods, we take data analysis to a whole new level.

We deploy bests IT-experts, Programmers and Analysts. They are led by physicists, who have gained many years experiences in Data Science and all related research themes.

Our methods for Data Science projects are originated from the most leading edge of researches in different fields of physics. This assures having the best possible results.

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