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Our Expertise in Advanced Engineering and Applied Physics

Satellite Communication
Energy Management
Applied Physics
Laser Communication

Data Science

The New Level of Expertise
in Modern Engineering, Science, Data and Energy Management

We deploy all of our resources, know-how and experiences to help our customers reaching their goals.


We cover your need for data transfer, data connectivity, mainly over LEO or even GEO satellites and up to laser communication systems. We add to this the connectivity over submarine cabling and inter-cities fiber optic links up to data processing sites, e.g. integration in data centers. This fulfills data management and processing for modern needs of industries and business in our current world.

On the other side we see the need for energy management, what everything in the western countries now depends on it's efficiency; also important for data transfer and data processing concepts. Our energy management concepts cover very efficient usage of heat and electricity for companies and factories. This is our contribution in using renewable energy and at the same time, more importantly, it makes customers independent from external sources. The latter assures stability in energy costs; the vital key element for businesses.

Both above services can be, on demand, financed by different methods, e.g. renting services or leasing the hardware systems. We can structure these services in a very flexible forms to meet your needs and financial circumstances.

Due to our strong background in applied physics, we are able to provide one of the highest possible solutions in sophisticated and advanced engineering and scientific projects at many different levels to solve the problems. At the same time we keep the costs as lowest as required, thanks to our profound engineering skills. This is a huge boost in our support for our customers in their special projects, e.g. CubeSat missions.


As a new part of application of applied physics knowledge we offer services to satisfy the demands in field of Data Science with application in commercial and scientific projects.

Our fields of activities

Broadband Satellite Communication, LEO to GEO, UAV to Ground Stations

Data Science
Data Processing to help you in highly complicated Data Analyses

Energy Management and
Power Storage

Applied physics to support you in
Sophisticated  Scientific, Engineering and Commercial Projects.

Consulting to Project Execution

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

No matter how complex your tasks and projects are, you can be assured that our sources and solutions will be fully deployed to guide you to success. Our Expertise are based strongly on scientific and engineering knowledge.

Blue Orion Technology focuses mainly on energy and data handling, Data Science and professional services in  Engineering and scientific projects.

Data transfer and processing over LEO and even GEO satellite are the main needs of many companies to reach out all around the world. We help you to reach these goals at different levels with excellent performance. Our leading efforts in data transfer is dedicated also to laser communication systems.

Power and energy management is another key in surviving for almost any company can be offered at best satisfactory level. We could provide you up to 100% independence and help you reach lowest costs for your energy demands. Then, your business will never suffer from fluctuation in any energy market at all.

Our background in applied physics provide us the confidence combined with modern technical knowledge to support and execute projects.

In the age of AI our contribution is covering diverse services and project executions in fields of Data Science, Data processing, which they are mandatory in almost any industry and even scientific projects.

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